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5 Unique places to fall in love with fall in Massachusetts

Part of living in New England is the benefit of having real seasons with weather and landscape change. The fall is probably New England’s most beautiful time of year with deep, rich colors that pop-up seemingly overnight and cool, crisp weather that makes you excited to wear that comfy sweater you got on sale last year. What better way to enjoy this time of year than to get in the car and check out all the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells of classic New England.

Below is a list of five unique places to visit during the Fall right here in Massachusetts.

  1. Honey Pot Hill Orchards Stow, MA - Pick apples, take a hayride, get lost in the corn maze, grab a few pumpkins, and enjoy some hard cider. There is all of that to do in the orchard while enjoying the beautiful views of nature.

  2. Mohawk Trail - a 63 mile long road in northwest Massachusetts. It runs along the Berkshire Mountains (so be sure to stop and enjoy the views) and offers serene streams, the famous Hairpin Turn and even a museum at the end.

  3. Summit of Mt. Greylock Adams, MA - With over 12,000 acres of forest, there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy the marvelous Fall colorsof this pristine mountain. At the summit, you can climb the 92 foot Veterans War Memorial Tower, have dinner and spend the night at Boscom Lodge.

  4. Forest HIlls Cemetery Boston, MA - Cemeteries and Fall go hand-in-hand for obvious reasons, but the reason to visit this cemetery is not for the scare factor. Enter through the giant castle-like gate and check out the headstones that are more like sculptures, cement mini houses, ponds, and fountains. All of these sights are surrounded by breathtaking foliage and green space.

  5. Bash Bish Falls State Park Mt. Washington, MA - Enjoy a serene, family and dog friendly hike right on the border of New York in Mt. Washington. An easy 2 mile hike in and out will lead you to a jaw dropping sight - a waterfall! Hike through trails that bring you by colorful trees, over large boulders, and down natural stone steps.

Whether you plan a specific trip to view the foliage or just decide to look at your backyard, be sure take a moment to enjoy the beauty of this season and be glad you live in New England.

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Irene Carrick
Irene Carrick
22 de set. de 2022

love honey pot hill orchards! a family fav of ours since the 70's!

bish bash on my Massachusetts bucket list....

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