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There are so many reasons why people decide to move!  Whatever the reason, the process of prepping, marketing, and pricing a home is the same. Having an agent who you can trust, who knows the market and can help you navigate the tricky waters of home selling is crucial to homeowners. 

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I've decided to sell my house…now what?

Hire an agent. An agent who knows your market, is up to date on market trends in your area, and can guide you on what updates and fixes will reap the most profit.

Once you've hired an agent and have determined a price and timeline for your home, the next thing is to start the decluttering process. This includes getting rid of items you no longer need, are hazardous (paints, motor oil, car batteries, and broken. This process can take a while, so give yourself enough time to go through all your living spaces, the attic, the garage and outdoor storage areas. You'll be amazed at what you'll discover. 

After you've decluttered your home you will be ready for marketing. This is where the expertise of your agent really comes in to play. Trust your agent and let him/her guide you in this process.


Remember, agents do this every day, so leave your biggest investment to the experts. Don't go it alone. There are too many pitfalls and legalities involved to NOT hire an expert. 


5 Things to know about home selling

  1. Not everyone is going to think your home is awesome and that is ok because someone will and that is all that matters.

  2. Never under estimate the power of curb appeal. This could be the difference between a potential buyer driving by  or stopping and going in.

  3. Be realistic about pricing your home. This requires you to take an objective look at your home and this is where having an agent is crucial. An agent is not emotionally tied to your home like you are and can look at your home with the eyes of a potential buyer - you can not. 

  4. Be flexible. You'll have to leave for open houses, showings, inspections and final walkthroughs. Keep your home clean and know that this inconvenience is temporary and will be over before you know it. 

  5. Hire an agent! Agents are experts in the field. They can price a home accurately, make sure you get the most for your money, negotiate on your behalf and vet potential buyers to make sure they are financially qualified. 

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