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Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Home Maintenance Checklist

Between summer vacations, pool days, and barbecues, summer home maintenance projects may take a backseat to a fun-filled summer in the sun. However, prioritizing the items you need to address and assessing the things you can DIY vs. hiring a professional can keep your home functioning optimally and prevent any more significant maintenance issues. Read on for your go-to summer home maintenance checklist. Interior maintenance checklist Service ceiling fans Ceiling fans can instantly cool down a room, making it feel more comfortable. Every summer, inspect the fan for loose or wobbling blades, dust the edges, and rotate the blades so the fan rotates counterclockwise to push the cool air down. In the winter, the blades should turn clockwise. Inspect windows and doors Windows and doors with leaks can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, comfort levels, and energy bills. Windows and doors that leak can allow the cool air to escape, resulting in higher air conditioning bills. A professional window installation company can determine if your doors and windows need to be resealed or replaced entirely. Change the air conditioner filter Clean your air conditioner’s filter every summer to keep it working optimally. A clean filter will ensure your air conditioner stays on, has a long lifespan, and circulates clean and cool air. Clean vents and HVAC ducts In addition to changing the air conditioner filter, cleaning your home’s vents and air ducts during the summer will help keep your home functioning ideally. Doing this maintenance every year at the same time will help you remember to complete it. Summer is also an excellent time to complete this maintenance, as your house works a little harder in the summer. Exterior checklist Inspect the siding Winter, spring, and early summer can affect your home’s exterior. The results of storms, pollen, moisture damage, and more can show up on the siding in mildew, dents, and stains. Power washing the exterior and having a professional come to repair and siding damage can keep your siding in top shade, which will prevent you from having the replace all the siding sooner than you need to. Clean the gutters Your home’s gutters may need to be cleaned several times during the summer, especially if your home has mature trees that hang over your home. Summer storms can result in an abundance of debris that collects in the gutters that can cause long-term damage to the gutter system, the structure of the house and the surrounding exterior. Power wash the exterior Power washing the exterior of your home and the surfaces, such as the driveway, walkways, and patio, can give you an instant visual lift. It will remove the dirt, dust, and debris accumulated over the winter, and make your home and surrounding area appear lighter, cleaner, and brighter. Control the pests As the temperatures get warmer, insects, critters, and other unwelcome species tend to emerge. In addition to nuisances like mosquitos and flies, more serious insects, such as termites, can damage the structure of your home.

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