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"5 Essential Late Winter Yard Tips to Prep for Spring's Arrival"

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Curb appeal can’t come without a little extra planning, and yet many homeowners make the mistake of skipping the planning process. Late winter and early spring are the ideal times to plan and prep your yard and your gardening tools for the coming blooms of spring and summer. Here are five essential yard tips to know as you prep for Spring.

Prune RosesLate winter is the ideal time to prune roses, according to experts. Late winter and early spring make for a great time to trim rose bushes. Be sure to begin by cutting back any dead or diseased wood and focus on thinning crowded areas. Opening up the center of the plan to allow for light and circulation can prevent disease and ensure your roses bloom beautifully when it’s time.

Plan Your Garden’s LayoutA great yard does not come without good planning and landscaping. Now is the time to plan your garden’s layout; pay attention to sun levels throughout the space, and be sure to consider additional factors such as soil conditions, native plant inclusions and plant spacing when designing your garden beds. Preplanning can ensure you have the time to consult experts if needed. Your local nursery is a great resource if you have any questions about planting within your climate or soil conditions.

Garden Tool MaintenanceYour garden tools will be used frequently from mid-spring to early autumn. Give your garden tools some extra love this season to prepare for their heavy use in the coming months. Check handheld tools for any signs of damage or rust and replace them as needed. Check power tools for safety and readiness; for all tools, be sure to clean and sharpen blades as needed. This will ensure that you are ready to begin your yard prep as soon as the weather allows.

Clean DebrisWinter storms can toss soil, leaves, branches and other debris around the yard. Remove any dead leaves, branches or other debris that has accumulated over the winter months to mitigate mold and pests. For any foliage that may need protection, replace the unsightly debris with mulch. This can prevent weeds from encroaching in your garden space, as well.

Protect Early BloomsEarly bloomers may come before the last frosts of the season. Keep an eye on any early blooming bulbs or perennials that may start emerging as the weather warms up. To keep them protected from late frosts and freezing temps, be sure to cover them with a layer of mulch or a frost cloth.


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