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How Spring Can Boost Your Home Selling Strategy

If you’ve been considering listing your home over the winter, the spring real estate season is the ideal time to put your thoughts into action. More buyers are in the market and ready to make offers, spring foliage will help improve your home’s curb appeal, and you may find your home in a multiple-offer scenario. If you’re ready to put your home on the market, read on for what the spring real estate season may mean for home sellers.

An Increased Number of Buyers

The spring real estate season means more buyers are in the market to purchase a new home. Multiple buyers may compete over your home depending on the market your home is in. This can result in a faster home sale, bidding wars and, ideally, an above-asking offer. It’s more likely to be a seller’s market

Since more buyers are in the market for a new home during the spring, it’s more likely to be a seller’s market. If there are more buyers than homes, it’s a low-inventory market, which means the seller will likely have the upper hand during negotiation. This can result in a faster home sale and a higher sale price.

Your Home is Most Appealing

Everything looks better in the spring and summer months — the sun shines brighter, the grass is greener, and the landscaping is more lush. These seasonal perks will help to improve your home’s curb appeal, making a memorable first impression to buyers.

There’s an Increased Focus on Curb Appeal

With the bright and blooming landscaping, updating the rest of your home’s curb appeal is important. This means:

  • Keeping the lawn maintained

  • Trimming any dead branches from the trees that may have died over the winter

  • Refreshing the paint 

  • Making any necessary repairs from winter damage, such as fixing loose house numbers, repairing door hardware, fixing mailbox damage,

  • Cleaning the windows and power washing the exterior

  • Freshening up the front porch decor with seasonal planters, a spring wreath and any other seasonal accents

The Sun is Out Later

Later daylight hours mean buyers can see your home after work when it’s still light out. This is an advantage, as your home will show better when it’s flooded by natural light, and you can accommodate more showings in the evening hours.

There is Less Weather-Related Mess

Less snow, slush and ice outside means winter weather-related mess won’t be tracked through your home. Despite buyers removing their shoes or wearing booties, winter weather and salt will inevitably enter your home if you’re holding winter showings and open houses.

Many consider mid-February to be the official start of the spring real estate season, so early spring can mean many buyers are ready to begin their new home search. Many buyers prefer to wait until after the holidays to start their home search, so early spring means your home may sell before summer. 


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